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Website Vulnerability Scanner

43% of Data Breaches Involved Websites

Scanning for Web Vulnerabilities

Our web application security scanner is designed to identify numerous types of security vulnerabilities in your website. The scanning tool can find problems with your web server configuration and also covers the OWASP Top 10 including SQL injection, cross site scripting (XSS), command injection, directory traversal and others.

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Application security testing can help reduce the risk of your website getting hacked

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High Crawl Coverage

For an effective assessment, our scanning solution interacts with the website to find as many resources to audit as possible. The integrated browser environment ensures sufficient coverage of modern web applications and technologies. By hooking into popular frameworks, our vulnerability scanner becomes a debugger, allowing it to monitor DOM events and JavaScript data and execution flows. This helps to identify DOM-based issues with information on the state of the page at the time.

Regular web vulnerability scanning can alert you of security issues that you need to fix before they become a problem

Accurate Vulnerability Detection

Our web vulnerability scanner can detect different types and permutations of web application vulnerabilities with high accuracy. By learning from the web application’s behavior and intelligently adapting to each resource, we are able to deliver a low false positive rates for reported vulnerabilities.

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Getting Started Is Really Easy

Our web vulnerability scanner is very easy to use even for those with no cybersecurity background.

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