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Static Code Analyzer

Up to 300 vulnerabilities in 1 million lines of code

Automated Security Code Review

Our static code analyzer helps you ensure the software security of your custom-built applications. The automated security analysis tool scans every line of code and detects for applications written in Java, Scala or JavaScript/TypeScript programming languages and their common presentation frameworks including JSP, JSF or Angular.

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Source code analysis can find security issues missed by vulnerability scanning and penetration testing

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Comprehensive and Early Detection

Analyzing code during the software development lifecycle helps development teams identify potentially vulnerable code even before the application is runnable. Unlike dynamic analysis which finds defects after you run a program, using a static code analysis tool can help you detect issues that are missed by dynamic testing.

Regular code vulnerability scanning can alert you of security issues that you need to fix before they become a problem

Static Code Analyzer with Highly Accurate Results

Our static analyzer can detect 100% of the vulnerabilities in the OWASP Benchmark test suite with 0% false positives. And we detect more than 80 vulnerability categories. The integrated vulnerability detection testing tool automatically analyzes each possible control flow path so that you do not overlook vulnerabilities. Our analysis engine also covers configuration files and templates for rendering HTML output.

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Getting Started Is Really Easy

Our code vulnerability scanner is very easy to use even for those with no cybersecurity background.

Code Vulnerability Scanner Included in Pro Plan

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