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Network Vulnerability Scanner

More than 100,000 vulnerabilities reported over the last 5 years.

Risk Based Security

Comprehensive and Updated Daily

Our network vulnerability scanner comprehensively covers your attack surface. We perform more than 50,000 network-based vulnerability tests on the operating system, installed software and open ports of various network devices, security appliances and servers. Tests are updated daily with new security vulnerabilities.

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Network security testing can help detect unpatched or misconfigured servers and network devices

Man working on laptop showing intuitive interface of network vulnerability scanner

Intuitive Interface

Our cloud-based vulnerability scanning tool provides a simple, clean and responsive interface for multiple users to initiate and manage multiple scans and collaborate on identified issues. Network vulnerability scan reports provide you a clear understanding of detected vulnerabilities and the security measures that can be implemented to fix the issues.

Regular network vulnerability scanning can alert you of security issues that you need to fix before they become a problem

Scalable Architecture

Our vulnerability scanner’s distributed architecture spreads the workload of many security scanning jobs across a resource pool to quickly deliver scan results for faster identification and remediation of vulnerabilities.

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Getting Started Is Really Easy

Our network vulnerability scanner is very easy to use even for those with no cybersecurity background.

Network Vulnerability Scanner Included in All Plans

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