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More than 100,000 vulnerabilities were reported for commonly used software over the last five years. In 2019 alone, more than 22,000 were reported and 1 out of 3 was given a High or Critical severity rating. Our free vulnerability scanning can help find your security issues before the bad guys do.


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Security testing for small and medium businesses.

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Our Free plan comes with no limits on the number of IP addresses and URLs, and no limits on the number of vulnerability scans you can run. Unlike free trials, free versions or community editions of other vulnerability assessment tools, you no longer have to choose between your web servers, Windows servers, network devices or virtual machines.

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Take the first step towards better vulnerability management without the complexity and steep learning curve. Our web-based solution provides you with an easy-to-use interface to manage your security testing. Simply add your IP address or URL to start a scan and use our portal to get the issues and recommended security measures.

You should not require a ton of documentation, training or certification to use a vulnerability scanner.

Find security bugs in your code

Working on a Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular or Scala project? Upgrade your vulnerability detection with our Pro plan and start scanning your code for vulnerabilities. Our static code analysis detects more than 100 different vulnerability types and is highly accurate, detecting 100% of vulnerabilities on the OWASP Benchmark test suite with 0% false positives.

Find Security Bugs in Your Code
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Easy-to-use vulnerability scanner

Our cloud-based security tools consists of a network vulnerability scanner, website vulnerability scanner and a static code analyzer. This easy-to-use solution helps you run network vulnerability tests, boost your web application security and analyze your source code to detect hard-to-find issues. Get started with our free vulnerability scanner.

Web Applications and Servers at Risk

While ransomware, phishing and insider threats make for interesting headlines, hacking is still the reason for almost half of data breaches. And 1 in 5 breaches were caused by errors and misconfigurations.

Keeping your network perimeter secure must be the number one priority. Actual data shows that 70% of data breaches are committed by external hackers and more often than not, the targets are internet-facing web servers and applications.

Regular vulnerability detection helps you find web application, operating system or configuration issues, reducing the likelihood of you becoming the next data breach victim.